RobertJohnson: So Frank do you have the band line up for the tour yet?
FrankMarino: Well right now it's me, Peter and Dave or Timm
RickHunter: hehe so Frank.. Will I be rythm guitarist on yer tour? :)
marknfresno: Hello from Fresno when will the new CD to be out?
RobertJohnson: How about Monterey fairgrounds Frank?
: Hi Frank, been following you since 1983
Leroy: Hello from Iowa. Two quick ones. Will the MR logo change at all and do you fish any of the waters up there?
FrankMarino: We're hoping it'll be out in a couple of months...but we may try some new ideas on releasing it through the Net on this page...
tomdog: Frank, cany you comment on you and Jimi? Forget the BS written back in the '70s. What is going on now? Do you listen to Jimi? Recieve any further inspiration from Jimi?
FrankMarino: We're not sure about the logo, but I'm always interested in ideas...
RickHunter: Frank: how about MP3 clips? that'll save space yet have kick-ass detail :)
FrankMarino: I like Jimi as always but the press blew it up out of proportion...
: hi
Rob Bizzozero: How would you describe your new stuff ?
: hi
FrankMarino: We'll use MP3 for the DL'sle
: Would you consider doing a Dick Dale Tune... Surfs Up
FrankMarino: I love Monterey...I'll try to get there.
ALECK D.: Suprise FRANK!!! Nice to see you here... I talked to Willy by phone last night...He is great!!!
RobertJohnson: You should try Real Audio it save even more space that MP3's
FrankMarino: I don't know the tune dale...
tomdog: Recieve any further inspiration from Jimi?
FrankMarino: Real Audio is ok but I want to give CD quality music...
ALECK D.: I'm in Ottawa right my parents house...Hard week in Toronto this week...
: Hi Frank, I've been following you since 1983
FrankMarino: Hey goes?
ALECK D.: Hi Willy!!!
RobertJohnson: Well let me know if you come to monterey because I would really like to get a chance to meet you! I saw you at the Ventura theater in Ventura a while back!
Leroy: Oh yeah, thanks Willy for many things here. You do good work.
WildWilly: Hi everybody, thanx for joining. Im just gonna lay back
: will you be coming to va beach or norfolk va
FrankMarino: I loved that theater...great sound...
banjo: Have you considered any acousic music lately
ALECK D.: BIG CLAPS for Willy....This has been a fantastic FAN SITE...and this chat room is the best!!!
dale: Any Chance of you booking the filmore
davidb: Just got a handle, Hi Frank
RickHunter: yeah thumbs up for willy for setting this up!
daniel7: hey there Willy -&- Frank
FrankMarino: I've thought about doing some acoustic music....not sure though...
Stu: I agree Thanks Willy. Very nicework on the sute.
ALECK D.: Im just gonna lay back...Me too...:)...
Stu: I agree Thanks Willy. Very nice work on the site.
RobertJohnson: Ya it does have a great sound. Hey Frank check out my Jimi hendrix site when you get a chance. Just click on my name after the chat session
FrankMarino: I've thought about doing some acoustic music....not sure though...If Bill Graham was still around we'd be at the fillmore for sure, but I don't know who's running things now..
.tomdog: Frank can you comment on any new recordings that you may be working on?
daniel7: I have to head to the studio shortly with Nick*
RickHunter: tom: they'll blow ya away :)
davidb: Frank do you see this?
RobertJohnson: So Frank you said at Willy's site that you are going to play some more old tunes during this tour right? Which ones?
FrankMarino: I'm working on some blues stuff as well as some hard rock...
FrankMarino: Yes I see it davidb
davidb: Frank why was Juggernaut held back on cd for so many years
Leroy: Good recordings from the Fillmore but be careful so does band divorce
Rob Bizzozero: Will you use your Lado guitar at all on the new tour ?
RobertJohnson: NP (now playing In my ways/World Anthem)
FrankMarino: CBS had some problems with me...but it's cool now.
FrankMarino: Hold on guys, I'm getting some cigarettes...
davidb: I searched the earth for years for it, now that its out will be out in the US?
davidb: Hey Fellow Marino heads !
tomdog: HAHAHA, overload...!!
daniel7: Hey there David
RobertJohnson: I'm loving this!!
daniel7: Thanks to WillY***
RobertJohnson: Thanks Willy!
WildWilly: My extreme pleasure my friends!!!
banjo: Which artists do you listen to Frank?
davidb: I've been bragging about this dude for YEARS
dale: Who is doing the cover on your new album
FrankMarino: I like mostly older artists...
FrankMarino: we haven't even thought asbout the cover yet...
RobertJohnson: Are you going to play some stuff off of MR IV?
Leroy: Please consider Riverport in St. Louis or Mark of the Quad Cities in ILL
FrankMarino: No problem, Leroy
daniel7: Have to go lay down some tracks..take care Frank*
FrankMarino: I want to do alot of MRIV
davidb: Frank will Juggernaut be available domestically in the US?
WildWilly: Bye Daniel Larsen
FrankMarino: Okay Daniel we'll talk later...
FrankMarino: I don't know about Juggernaut...
marknfresno: In the early did you overdrive the Acoustic 270's? w/ a small amp or an overdrive pedal?
FrankMarino: I used a Big
FrankMarino: I used a Big Muff
banjo: how much time do you spend playing and writing
tomdog: Juggernaut is available @ Bucaneer on the net
Stu: Do you have any input at to your CBS catalog. Such as possibly re-mastering some of that stuff especially the Live album.
ALECK D.: FrankAny news about July **th???
FrankMarino: I've been writing more lately, but I'm so busy getting things together that I should do more...
marknfresno: you used a Big Muff only on solos right? how about the overdrive on the rythym parts, or was that a natural overdrive due to volume?
Leroy: Does the guitar man have a signifacant other
FrankMarino: Stu, we're thinking about trying to get the rights to do that...
FrankMarino: Stu, we're thinking about trying to get the rights to do that...It was Volume...
RobertJohnson: Well Frank I have to go it's been great talking with you! I hope to see you in Monterey CA. I also hope you play Stories of a Hero -&- IV the Emporer there!
davidb: Jim Ayoub -&- Timm Biery were fantastic drummers, are either of them with you again?
thatsright: will you be playing norfolk or va beach va on tour
Rob Bizzozero: Frank what is the song Rise Above about ?
FrankMarino: Aleck, there's a press conference tomorrow in Montreal about the Jazzfest...
Toddf: Frank, have you noticed that Ain't Dead Yet seems to be very popular with the fans?
FrankMarino: Rise Above is about the day after the Apocalypse...
ALECK D.: Hummmm....Cool...Everybody stay tuned...
FrankMarino: I LOVE aint dead yet...
Stu: Robert: Don't forget to email me the Randy Hanson link. Thanks.
: Frank, any chance of seeing you in Florida?
FrankMarino: I'm really trying to get across the whole US and Europe, but we want to promote it ourselves so we're looking for a sponsor...
Maxxoom: Frank, I love it all and I am really looking forward to seeing live again!
RobertJohnson: Thanks for all the great memories Frank! Check out the Jimi site if you can! OK Stu email me your address at
FrankMarino: I don't want to get local promoters to do the shows cuz they never really promote them...
CanAble: Strange Dreams is a powerful song, what inspired you to compose such a piece?
: hope to see you in Vancouver b.c.
davidb: Jim Ayoub -&- Timm Biery were fantastic drummers, are either of them with you again?
RobertJohnson: Willy will there be a transcript of this Chat?
FrankMarino: Timmy might play some dates with us.
thatsright: anything new on a live video
FrankMarino: Strange dreams was just born out of a feeling I had..
toolish: Why do you think the media doesnt give you the recognition we all know you deserve?
FrankMarino: I've never done a studio video, but we may do a live one or a documentary...
ALECK D.: thatsright Live Video...Great idea!!!
davidb: Strange Dreams is what started me with Frank Marino, the rest is history!
FrankMarino: I think the media got on me very early on and it became sort of a habit...
tomdog: Any video would be way cool...
Leroy: Have you ever met Kim Mitchell?
Toddf: Frank, Your harmonic solos are INSANE!!, there should be a law against playing that well!!
RickHunter: Hmm for me it was Rise Above and Poppy
FrankMarino: Thanks Todd....
RickHunter: Todd: now that is the thruth :)
davidb: Most of the media is ignorant
FrankMarino: I've met Kim briefly...
toolish: S.F. bay area awaits your return
Maxxoom: I went to see Johnny and Edgar Winters and saw MR as the warmup. I left halfway through the Winters' set, no comparison!
Rob Bizzozero: Frank can you tell us the recipe for that awesome tone in Make my Wave
dale: Can you do some T-shirts on the next tour
FrankMarino: Make my wave was done with a Fender Super reverb...
davidb: I'd kill for a MR concert Teeshirt
FrankMarino: T-shirts and stuff are coming as well
WildWilly: Yes, there will be a transcript of this chat on the site immediately following it
thatsright: did you ever meet jimi hendrix?
ALECK D.: dale: T-Shirts great idea!!!
dale: Id pay $$$$
ALECK D.: WILLY...If ya want to see me check this out.
FrankMarino: Ask Aleck about the promo stuff...He's trying to get it together for us...
RickHunter: Frank on the back of the T-shirt put a death to MS logo :)
FrankMarino: Right on, Rick!
RickHunter: hehhe :)
davidb: Frank do you know when the new one is coming out -&- what label?
Stu: Frank: When you have time check out my story in the guestbook section of this page. There was some unplanned special effects on stage during your set.
Leroy: I thought that was cool when I was watching that Austin Powers movie when your name came across the markee on the Vegas strip
: wayne:was the juggernaut release 20 bit remastered?
FrankMarino: We don't have a label yet...What do you guys think about an Internet releaser?
Toddf: Frank, how did you get the high pitched guitar sound on JIVE BABY?
FrankMarino: Toddd, it's harmonics.
tomdog: All for an internet releaser
dale: Yea Very cool Ill send you my Master card
banjo: do it over the net first!
Bart: Hi guy's
Toddf: Oh my GOd!!
FrankMarino: I don't think they remastered Juggernaut.
davidb: Damn, I'd MAKE my own label to get it out
toolish: Internet release would be great
thatsright: have you ever done a cover for goldmine magazine?
FrankMarino: Never heard of Goldmine.
tomdog: The website sez: call John @ Bucanner, 410 931 9380 to get a Juggernaut CD..
toolish: how about a song of the month club?
dale: Hows the Mpeg server comin along
Bart: Are you coming to Holland(Europe) on your tour
FreakyFrank: Hello Frank, gkaad rto heasr curt. Glad you'/re still.l alive and well,,,,
FrankMarino: We haven't gotten it up yet...I'm loking into different costs and stuff..
Rog: Hi Frank! Do you get more as a musician from creating in the studio, or rippin' live on stage? Thanks Frank, lookin; forward to seein' you live!
FrankMarino: I'll try to get to Holland, if they book me there.
ALECK D.: I was on the phone today with the editor of Ontario's EXTREME (Rock mag) they want an interview. Plus they are printing the news about Ottawa upcoming show (JULY 1st)...
FrankMarino: I like it better Live...but I like the studio too.
: wayne:saw a listing for mark and frank marino album what is it?
FrankMarino: I'll do the interview Aleck, just give em my number...
Toddf: Frank, are you offended when people make bootleg recordings of your concerts?
davidb: Frank called record -&- management co. for years looking for you, do you still live in Canada?
Maxxoom: Frank, I've seen the mastered by credit for George Marino many times. Are you related?
banjo: Which song do you find the most fun to play
Stu: Frank: I read that you don't use the pinky finger of your left hand when you play. Is that true?
FrankMarino: Todd, I really don't think it's cool to bootleg my stuff, cuz I have absolutely no input into the quality...It's not a money thing, but alot of artists don't want people to hear ev
ALECK D.: Great..Ya know I only want to talk about RESULTS...The mag is based out of St.Catherines Ontario (near Toronto) but has a (metal underground) readership of 35-40 thousand...
FrankMarino: No relation to George...
Rog: Is there any chance of the Colony Theater (Chicago '83)video getting releaed? I was at the show and remember it
being taped. On your birthday, I believe.
FrankMarino: I dont use the pinky a whole lot...
Rob Bizzozero: I noticed you have Tons of fans from Finland, how did you like playing Scandinavia
Leroy: I don't know I'll bet your pinky has been flying for almost an hour now
dale: Who is Bill Man and was he the one who wrote the stuff in Child of the novelty
FrankMarino: Scandinavia is one of the best places on Earth
FrankMarino: Bill Mann was a journalist who was a great friend of mine...
Rog: I hope this hasn't been asked, I missed the first few minutes. Do you know when you'll be in the Chicago and Milwaukee area?
tomdog: Frank, are still into drag racing?
WildWilly: I wont print that Frank!!!
Rob Bizzozero: I Have, I married one !!
FrankMarino: By the way, Rob, I remember you from your letters...
Toddf: Frank, did you ever meet Stevie Ray?
FrankMarino: I love drag racing still, but I don't do it as much...
Rob Bizzozero: Thanks, I listen to your music every day..really
FrankMarino: I met Stevie several times when we played together...
tomdog: What racing do you do?
FrankMarino: I don't race as much at all, but I ride my shaker...that is until yesterday when my wife crashed it!
Maxxoom: SRV and Frank together?!?!?!?!? We have have just defined Heaven!
: wayne:is she alright
tomdog: HAHAHA! What are wives for?
FrankMarino: She's fine, but the bike is toast...
ALECK D.: Crash??? She o.k.???
thatsright: what guitarist would like you to jam with ?
MJT: Is she ok? ..I didn't know!!
banjo: You've done may covers and remakes of songs, are any gonna be on the new record ?
FreakyFrank: Frank, can you still play Johnny B. Goode as fast as you did on the live album?
FrankMarino: I'd like to jam with Johnny Winter more than anyone in the world..
Leroy: I'll tell ya what wives are for. I've had one as long as I've had Maxoom. 25 years
Toddf: Frank, were you really fret tapping long before Van Halen came on the scene?
Rog: Frank, I collect boots of yours. I don't see and own all the official releases. What is your view on bootlegs?
toolish: just seen Johnny winter friday night, he looked pretty weak but still kicked ass.
FrankMarino: Yes, I was...but I'm not supposed to be the one to say it, Todd
: wayne:would like to hear you play with warren haynes
tomdog: From bike wrecking to the intitute of marriage...I like it...
dale: I saw you play before johnny winter at winterland and he is the ony one I ever saw that didint bomb after you three oncores
happysav: Frank, I sure hope you will include Seattle on your tour! It's been 16 or 17 years since I last saw you play live!
Toddf: OH YEA !!!!!!!
FrankMarino: Like I said Rog, I wish people who want to bootleg would get in touch with me and let me be part of it...cuz some of it is real shit,
ALECK D.: O.K... The classic rock writer for EXTREME is KEVIN JULIE he is at
Rog: Thanks, Frank!
FrankMarino: You should E-mail me the address Aleck...
tomdog: Hey!!! I WAS @ johhny Winter, Frank marino show too!!!
dale: Have you noticed that eddy finally sounds like frank Took a while huh!
toolish: any chance of seeing you in the S.F. bay area this year?
: Hi Frank, Sorry I'm so late. Please come to Tampa florida on tour!
ALECK D.: I guess a few e-mails from some fans could influence this writer a bit eh???
Rog: Have you heard Robin Trowers blues release? What are you thoughts on Robin as a player?
: wayne:frank any chance of a box set
FrankMarino: I haven't heard the trower thing, but I don't really freak on his playing...It's good but a little soft for me
davidb: Frank it's been a real honor to make contact w/you after so many years, thanks and hope to see you on the road
FreakyFrank: Frank, where can I find any of your records/CDs for sale?
thatsright: who is your favorite guitarist frank?
FrankMarino: OK davidb
Rog: Did the Guitar Speak project ever ger released?
FrankMarino: Hendrix...thatsright
FrankMarino: Yeah it got released a while ago
JimiG: Frank, will you tour in Florida? Tampa area? Please do!
Leroy: Gotta go but see to it that the PD at KRNA in Iowa City get a copy of the new one. I have ways of making him play it.
happysav: Frank, I learned to play guitar with a pick you threw to me when I was a youngun.
FrankMarino: Can't stay much longer guys...I've got a meeting with Billy in the Studio...
MJT: I have to go now Frank. Take it easy on Denyse.
toolish: God Bless you and keep on rockin
FrankMarino: OK MJT
FreakyFrank: You gonn come vback for another chat sometime?
DOK: hey frank
Rog: Frank I ve seen you live almost 30 times, lookin' for more! Thanks for the music Frank!
JimiG: Frank, sorry I'm so late, I'm sure you laready covered this, but when is the new album coming out? Who's on it with you?
thatsright: frank have you seen any of the bootleg videos ?
: wayne:hope to see you in vancouver cant wait for new tunes
dale: Is there a way we can email you and would you reply
Toddf: Frank, do you like working with a keyboardist??
WildWilly: Frank will write a new letter to the fans which will update us all on everything, right Frank?
FrankMarino: I'll be online most times at night EST and I'll check for you guys, usually after Midnight EST
tomdog: Frank: comment on Jimi today in the late '90's please...
dale: Cool
FrankMarino: I try to reply to the E-Mails that willy gets, he shows me every keep on sending...
FrankMarino: Jimi today is as good as ever...and more known than ever...
tomdog: Waht about the family/politics? Any comments?
FrankMarino: I gotta slide now, but Willy can answer alot of your questions, as can Aleck...
WildWilly: Thanx Frank, I believe this was a success. There will be more!!
: wayne:thanks frank
JimiG: Frank, there is nothing in the musical world which has made me happier in recent years than hearing you have new
music coming and that you'll be touring! FreakyFrank: Yeah, thanx Frank, keep on jammin...
JimiG: White collar conservatives flashin down the street ...
Maxxoom: Frank, thanks for the time and Willy, thanks for the site!
Rog: God bless you Frank!
thatsright: keep rockin frank
JimiG: Peace Frank, and thanks Willy.
WildWilly: Thanx everybody. Hope that you had a good time. I will now post the chat. bye
DOK: willy thanx 4 the chat room it is a great idea
Rob Bizzozero: Thanks Willy !
JimiG: Willy, when will it be posted?
FreakyFrank: Thanks Willy
dale: Willy your awsome man
WildWilly: Gimme 10 minutes
ALECK D.: Bye Frank...
tomdog: Good Job, Willy!!!! ::::))))))
***************************************END OF CHAT************************