OLD tour dates ANNOUNCED! (2005)

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re: NEW tour dates ANNOUNCED!

Post by garyd »

thanx for the info Stick and Lori.. never been to chicago was not sure which venue was nearest to which airport.
hopefully i will make one of the shows trying to work that out now.
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re: NEW tour dates ANNOUNCED!

Post by rarefish »

Hey Pittsburgh Jeff. How is the Rex Theatre for seeing a live band?? My drive to Cleveland is about the same as it would be to Pittsburgh. I'm trying to figure out what would be the better venue to see Frank live in....
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re: NEW tour dates ANNOUNCED!

Post by Szoppo »

Rarefish, In case my friend Jeff doesn't get back to you here's the website.
I've heard it's a great place!

Theatre Area and Seating
The theatre is separated from the bar area with etched double glass doors and holds movie theatre-style padded seats in addition to bar tables, cocktail tables and chairs. The room allows a general admission capacity of 420 people. The bar area in the rear of the theatre, can hold an additional 80 persons.The generous 20' X 18' stage is flanked by two wings which can act as storage for your equipment. Seats can be configured to suit your needs with very easily.
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re: NEW tour dates ANNOUNCED!

Post by Lori »

As promised, below is a link to some of the hotels in the Schaumburg area for the October 14th Chicago City Limits gig. This link is kind of neat because you can click on any location and get distance and driving directions to the venue.
Click on one of the little balloons on the map itself, then click "To here" and enter in the address of 1712 Wise Rd., Schaumburg, IL.
Pretty neat!

http://www.google.com/local?hl=en&lr=&q ... earch&sc=1

I hope this helps anyone who may have been interested.

- Lori
Pittsburgh Jeff
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re: NEW tour dates ANNOUNCED!

Post by Pittsburgh Jeff »

Hey Fish,
My buddy Pete (aka szoppo) gave an excellent description of the Rex.
Saw Joe Bonamassa there last Nov. and was floored at the sound. Second to none. I thought it held a few more people than 500. Could be wrong though. Got my ticket so I'm good to go. Can't wait.
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re: NEW tour dates ANNOUNCED!

Post by boltonboy »

Please stop this now!!!!

I am getting very jealous,despite only just seeing Frank live the other week!!

It's not fair!!
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re: NEW tour dates ANNOUNCED!

Post by dale »

:clap :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap
Alright man.
Last time I saw two shows, one in cleveland and one in detroit.
Both shows ended early due to Yuppi Scum Bag Ordinances and,
it was still worth the trip.
Previously I was at the Sept 9th Real live show.
and the Frank is back(Eye of the Storm)show in Montreal.
I remember when It only cost me maybe 15.00 and gas was a buck.
Now its a minimum $300.00.
But I gots money burnin a hole in me pocket!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Ill be at Jax(a bit late after my Buddy Darryl picks me up at the airport)
and then at the Rams Head for Satudays Show.
I rember being in montreal and everyone wondering what I was doing there with my car from CA.
I told em I came to see Frank Marino and Mahogay Rush.
They all said he must be pretty fuckin good for someone to come all the way from CA.
Well.. I been sayin that since I was 16 years old Lol!
Actually I just wanted to be on a live album! hehe.
Cant wait Frank :bounce :bounce :bounce
If ya need an extra body guard while I'm there don't be afraid to ask.
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Dale :smootch
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Re: re: NEW tour dates ANNOUNCED!

Post by jguay »

dale wrote:Ill be at Jax(a bit late after my Buddy Darryl picks me up at the airport) and then at the Rams Head for Satudays Show.
Cool - My wife and I will be at the Jaxx show also. I'm pretty new to this message board and would love to meet some of the board members at the show - you know, place a face with the board name, so to speak. Anyways, just wanted to chirp in and say 'hi'.
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re: NEW tour dates ANNOUNCED!

Post by stick »

I now have 6 tickets for the Shank Hall show in my hands that I don't think I'm going too.
Going to the Chicago Heights show instead. I've talked to some people about this venue. (music box) Everybody said the about the same thing, DO NOT MISS YOUR EXIT! because you will be somewhere you don't belong! So do your homework on your directions going in and getting out.

peace, stick
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Bob Nelson
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re: NEW tour dates ANNOUNCED!

Post by Bob Nelson »

It is not really all that bad of an area around The Music Box. Chicago Heights is a very mixed ethinic town. It is almost like a mini Chicago. I can give directions that will steer you around any trouble spots. Where The Music Box is , its on a main street, Joe Orr Road. So there will be no problems at all believe me. As a matter of fact you can feel safe at any of the resturants and bars in the surrounding area.
I have lived in "The Heights" , as we call it, and grew up in the suburb right next to it, Park Forest. Now you might not want to get lost in Park Forest thats for sure,lol.
If anybody needs driving directions as the show approaches feel free to PM me , I will be glad to help.
Also I am going to head over to The Music Box on a weekend night when they have their shows to take a look at the place, i'll let you know a little more about it as a venue. It is the same owner as J.J. Kellys where Frank played back in 2002, that place is just a bar with a large open room that they used as the concert area, the stage was only like one foot off of the floor, so if you were not up close (whch was not hard to do that day) you could not see anything. I have to believe that Vince Kelly, the owner opened up this new club because he knew the other placed sucked for concerts. I'll let you know.