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Sweden is NOT happening

Posted: Fri Apr 11, 2008 12:00 pm
by Wild Willy
Sweden is not happening and it never was booked. Therefore it was NOT CANCELED. This is why we don't post dates until the contract is signed. Venues sell tickets when the band is not signed because they have nothing to lose. If and when the date doesn't happen, they just say the band CANCELED.

Frank did NOT CANCEL those dates even though the venue sites say otherwise. Greedy venue management who don't know how to book are the ones that canceled.

DO NOT buy any tickets for any Sweden dates, especially through brokerage houses. Please convey your utter disgust and dismay directly to the venues for their selfish booking practices.

Frank will post about this later as well.


re: Sweden is NOT happening

Posted: Fri Apr 11, 2008 3:48 pm
by Frank Marino
In fairness to the venues, in this case, I have to say that this happened because of a middle-man who didn't quite deliver on what was originally promised. I did have talks with someone who represented that these gigs would happen, and we fully intended to try to make them a reality.

But, when it finally came time to get the contracts and, more importantly, the proper deposits which would enable us to make the flight arrangements and such, we found that it was getting harder to actually make this happen. We fully expected to be given the proper documents and funds, in time, as is always done professionally, but questions began to arise as to whether or not the middle-man could actually make it happen. As it turned out, he was not able to do so, for whatever the reason.

When we ran out of time, we were forced to inform the clubs directly that it wasn't going to happen, because most of our efforts to inform the agent of the need for attention went unheeded.

I apologize to those who may have purchased tickets. I expect they will be refunded by the venues. You should also note that we have consistently said, here, that it was not yet certain. I think I may have even answered a personal post to that effect, not long ago.

For what it is worth, most of the venues that we have spoken to, directly, were not that surprised that things turned out this way. It seems, from their conversations, that they had some doubts as well. Some venues, however, apparently sold tickets before concluding the documents and funding, and I expect they probably thought that things would work out in time, so they may have jumped the gun a little.

Again, I do not wish to blame the venues, nor anyone else. I wish to chalk it up to a series of unfortunate misunderstandings, and I hope we can reschedule in the near future, to the satisfaction of everyone.